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Our Bread Crumbs are Topnotch!

Through our long-term contractual commitments with several large multi-division sources we obtain the best all-bread material, at the best prices, to make the best bread crumbs.

Our modern, 13,000 sq. ft. plant and state-of-the-art equipment allows us to produce and customize blends to meet our customers requests. Because our plant is dedicated to bread crumb processing our customers do not need to worry about non-bread materials in our product, eliminating cross-contamination or allergen transfer.

Dryer oven dehydration meets our stringent moisture specifications.
Calibrated shakers deliver optimum consistency in particle separation.
Finished product storage assures the best bread crumbs stay that way.

Bread Crumb Variety and Options

Topnotch bread crumbs are produced in a variety of grinds and options to meet individual customer texture, taste, and coating requirements.

  • Regular, fine or coarse grinds
  • Seasoned in Spicy, Italian or custom flavoring
  • 100% natural, containing no preservatives
  • Specific formulations to meet precise requirements
  • Custom blends using customer’s ingredients

Through control of particulate size, bulk density, moisture, and seasoning blends we precisely manage the variables of our process, particularly important for formulating custom orders. We can also provide natural sourcing of raw material if our customers’ needs require it.

Finished bread crumbs heading for product packaging.
Hands-on packaging of finished crumbs.
Filled 50lb. bags readied for staging area prior to shipment.

Range of Quantities at Competitive Pricing


Topnotch offers a range of bread crumb packaging from 10 lb. boxes to 50 lb. bags or 2,000 lb. Super Sacks to meet your quantity and bulk volume requirements.

Because of our cost-efficient operation we deliver a premium product without the premium pricing. Competitively priced volume discounts are also available.